Internet Marketing History in the Making

It's like a scene from Star Wars, the one we all wanted to see: where Luke Skywalker joins up with Obi Wan Kenobi and they put their lightsabers together and team up to side-by-side against Darth Vader to clear the way for the new generation of young Jedi Knights. Shawn Casey, best-selling author of Mining Gold on the Internet Marketing, and Tellman Knudson of Overcome Everything, Inc. have teamed up to create what they call the 'Ultimate Listbuilding course' -- appropriately named after it's future home on the Internet: It's purpose, they say, is to help the next generation of entrepreneurs quickly and easily build lucrative businesses online using the most respectable, proven and long-lasting of the internet skills: Listbuilding.

Currently in pre-launch, this giant of a Listbuilding resource is scheduled to launch this spring; and if pre-launch activity is any indication, it's going to be simply huge. At press time, the services and materials they have distributed free of charge -- including step-by-step videos on how to create a site, a 24-hour "Squeeze-A-thon" that helped over 200 business owners get their squeeze pages built, and tell-all reports on how Shawn and Tellman started their own multi-million dollar businesses -- have received raving reviews.

Both Casey and Knudson have incredible rags-to-riches stories that prove anyone, no matter where they come from in the universe, can make this work. "I started my company on 50 bucks and a 'Frankenstein' computer that was built out of other broken machines and resold," said Knudson. "The CD drive was hanging out of the front because it didn't work unless I held it in my hand and shook it, and the fan was so loud I couldn't make a business call in the same room as my computer." In his desperate search to make a living online, he accidentally found a copy of Casey's Mining Gold on the Internet. "At the time, I had no idea who wrote it or what it was really worth" says Knudson, "I was clueless, and going further in the hole each day. But I kept at it, hoping something, someday would work."

Then, he got Shawn Casey on the phone for just twenty-two minutes--and things changed. "Shawn told me a few things--but one of them was I had to send out these nine emails all in a row, and I didn't want to do it; but he was 'the master'--so I did," says Knudson. Because he trusted his teacher, Knudson made $800,000 in profit that year alone--his first year online. Now he owns a multi-million dollar company with twelve employees, but he's never forgotten who helped him when he was in need.

Casey, who was practicing law in back in 1995, started in a small, cramped apartment in Pittsburgh during the summer--with no air conditioning in 100 degree conditions. "I was living in an efficiency apartment that had no furniture in it, except for a table, two chairs, and a sofa that the landlord had let me scrounge from the furniture left over from previous tenants that he had piled up in the basement," said Casey. From this humble beginning, Casey rose to become CEO of a company that made the Inc. 500 list for two years running. Yet, feeling suffocated by the corporate rat race, he wanted something more.

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Internet Marketing Tips

Internet marketing is a funny animal. Just when things are going well, get hit with a slow economy or a holiday or whatever. Suddenly your $300 a day income is down to $100 a day.. You're about ready to hit the panic button and throw the baby out with the bath water. Well, before you do that, this article will help get you through those slow times. Trust me, they will pick up again.

The first thing you have to understand is that internet marketing goes in cycles. There are actually times during the year, especially for certain niches, where things are just plain dead. Your traffic is going to go down and so is your sales. This is just a fact of life. How you deal with it is what makes the difference between success and failure with your business.

The best way to get around the bad times is to branch off into other niches that are seasonal. The reason I suggest seasonal niches is because when your main business gets back on track, you don't want to be so bogged down with work that you can't take care of things. So you want to concentrate on some things that are only big during certain times of the year, like Christmas related businesses. This way, you have the extra income without a lot of extra work.

Another thing you might want to do is check out Google Hot Trends. You'll notice that there are a number of topics there that are hot because of some news item, like a celebrity getting married or something like that. There are many ways to capitalize on hot trends, one of which is to put up a blog with a few articles and some Adsense blocks. If the hot trend gets enough traffic, you just might make a few bucks off your Adsense income and it's not a lot of work.

You might also take this time to work on your next project. If you have the time to create a new product, go for it. You're certainly not going to get the chance during the times when things are crazy, so you might as well take advantage of the lull and crank out your next "miracle in a box" for the public to gobble up.

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Search Engine Marketing - An Overview

North American advertisers spend more than 10 billion dollars annually on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising and for some pretty significant reasons. We'll discuss those in a moment.

One of the best strategies for long-term success in online marketing is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This strategy works to ensure that your website is attractive to search engines when they make a determination on the rank of your site within their pages based on various keyword searches.

On the other hand SEM is used to make your site listed in the advertising section of any search that uses your keywords. Essentially even if your website is not listed in the top ten or twenty on a search engine your site can still be found on the first page a searcher visits.

This strategy can be useful to those businesses that are still waiting for their SEO strategies to demonstrate improved rankings.

Most online businesses recognize that when an individual wants to find something online they are most likely to visit their favorite search engine in an effort to locate the product, service or business they need. For these businesses it only makes sense to market via a search engine to increase foot traffic and attempt a solid return on their investment (ROI).

This strategy differs from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in that the advertisements only show up in search engines and only when certain keywords or phrases are used.

Take the search engine Google for instance. Typically 2-3 advertising results come before the standard search engine results. You will also find additional paid results on the right hand side of the screen. These are all SEM ads that are designed to help customers find businesses that can help them with their product requirement.

Those who believe strongly in the potential of improved business performance as a result of appealing to the various search engines will likely view SEM as a potential gold mine for improved site performance and sales.

In some cases you will find the same companies listed in the first page search engine results, but not always. For consumers it may be worthwhile to see which advertisers also show up in the standard search engine rankings. Some people are not always aware of which sections are advertising based and which listings are derived from the rigorous methods associated with SEO.

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Choose the Best Search Engine Optimization Firm

Search Engine Optimization services vary from company to company. It differs with the differing styles of work in various countries. It is essential that any website that is built is to be known by all the people throughout for whichever attribute it wanted it to spread. There will be target groups for people who build websites. To reach the target audience, the publicity is important. Without having the website in the search engines, there is no opportunity of publicity for websites. As website owners, people will and should understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization and its vitality. This is like a visiting card made available online. With SEO services from the right company, the publicity is no longer a bizarre word.

Before hiring a Search Engine Optimization Firm, the website owner is supposed to have the following points in mind in order to select a good one.

Find the best SEO online

Those who provide great services would have served them the first. It is very easy to check for the best SEO Company online. Because those who claim to offer the best SEO services should rank first in the major search engines. They would give the best to them and that will show how skilled hey are in the art of SEO

Well established SEO Company

There is always a difference when people tell that the company does SEO services and when they claim that it is a SEO Company offering services. There will be a web designing, web building company where a professional of web designing will be doing SEO for you. That will not help. As website owners, opt for SEO companies that are well established for Search Engine Optimization exclusively, where a SEO professional works for the betterment of the site. SEO is a novel concept and that means the checklist for the establishment of these SEO companies will be 5 years. If a company has a good experience for 5 years as "SEO Company", then it is a wise choice.

Testimonials and References

Check for the testimonials from the other clients of the company. If you have a doubt as many of us do, that they could manipulate the testimonials, and then you must ask for references. Even if you opt not to call the references, your query for the references will sow how confident the companies are. These will help the website owners to make good choices. The companies that hesitate to give references are not sure and confident, whereas the companies that readily give are the confident ones.

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Using a Search Engine Optimization Company vs Hiring an In-House Expert - The True Dollar Cost

Search Engine Optimization Company

It's a common question that companies who are considering hiring a search engine optimization company often face - is this something that we can do in-house? More importantly, can we do this in-house and get the same results that an expert search engine optimization company would provide?

As this article will demonstrate, clearly the answer is "yes" to both questions. However, as this article will also demonstrate, getting the types of results that an expert at search engine optimization can provide will cost you - often more than outsourcing.

For the purpose of this article, I'm ignoring the multitudes of companies that decide to dump the job on somebody already in their organization (usually an IT person who already has too much to do) rather than hiring a search engine optimization company. It has been my experience that while some of these people eventually provide decent results, they are the exception. More often than not, the project never leaves the ground, or the effort is halfhearted at best. In a worst case scenario, your internal person may embrace tactics that no expert search engine optimization company would ever use because they can put your site at risk of penalization or outright removal from the engine indexes.

My company often works with firms after they have used non-expert internal talent to optimize their website, and most of the time we are actually doing more work because much of what has been done is ineffective or dangerous. We have to take everything apart and put it all back together, often while making requests to the search engines to have penalties lifted.

The real goal of this article, however, is to assume that a business has decided to embark on a search engine optimization campaign, and that it is also committed to using a proven expert in search engine optimization. The choice then is simple - does the business hire an experienced resource to work in-house or should it instead go with an outsourced search engine optimization company?

A recent study by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, published in the January 2008 edition of DM News ("Healthy SEM Salaries Rule: SEMPO Survey"), points out that experience in search engine marketing carries a high price tag. For instance, if you were looking to hire someone with more than five years of experience in search engine marketing, you could expect to pay between $100,000 and $200,000 per year. For somebody with experience but not five or more years, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

If nothing else, these real world figures should convince discerning companies that expert search engine optimization and marketing is not something that you should dump off on an existing employee without any experience in the field. The free market has determined that expert search engine optimization and marketing is worth at least $60,000 per year for a full time position, and up to $200,000 per year.

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Search Engine Optimization for Website Traffic

Internet spam to get a top listing on the search engines is losing steam. The search engines are doing more and more all the time to put a stop to this black hat trick. More and more you must produce good content and use good keywords properly to get the top spot. The people that worked so hard trying to follow the rules to do it the right way are rising to the top.

The old days of submitting your affiliate page to one of the paid places to get a top spot are just about over. There are still a lot of companies out there selling the service and yes they may get you a top spot but you will not have it for very long because the search engines do not like the tactics the use to get you there.

Using affiliate sites are getting harder and harder to get a top spot with because they are duplicated for everyone that has one.

So to get the top spot today you must build a web site with some good quality content that is keyword optimized to even have a small chance of getting traffic from the search engines. On a high rated page rank web site is where you place you affiliate link to get good traffic to your programs.

Here is a nice list of things you can do to improve your page rank with the search engines.

Trade Links with other Relevant Websites

They call this reciprocal links but giving the link back is not as important as it once was. Search engine ranking is looking for the one way link into your websites not the both way.

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Blogging Phenomenon

SEO Consultant - Creating Good Quality Links For Your Web Site

In the art of optimizing a Web site and enhancing rankings as well as site popularity, link building is one good online marketing tool, as a Web site's popularity is often measured by search engines by calculating how many links are pointing towards its direction. Getting good, powerful links from established and popular Web sites can help your site rise to the top of search engines without wasting too much time waiting.

How To Create Good Links

One good way of getting good links is to start your own blog, or Web log. Blogs are a wonderful of recruiting links. Although, you need to be extra careful though, as you need to keep the commerciality low and ensure that you learn how to use tags. You could also as other visitors to your site to link to you as well. And while you entice them, you need keep it reasonable, and do not flood them with "link to us" message, and make it easier if they want to give you a link.

Another good way of getting better links, is to submit to good or established directories. You could choose from long-standing directories like Yahoo or Open directory Project , and submit your listings to them. Lastly, one good method that's also relevant is to also ask for links from other sites, and in doing so, you should first make a list of Web sites that you would like links from, and you should learn to keep them truly relevant to your business. You could contact one site and show them why linking to your site would be also good for their visitors as well.

One-Way Link Building Also Helps

The process of building one-way links from other Web sites that have a page rank worth 3 or more could also be helpful for you to get attention quickly from search engines. These links are also worth paying for, and serve two main purposes. Apart from being just a link, it also serves as an effective advertisement of your Web site. Another good method is to create reciprocal links , however these links tend to be less potent because these links are placed in a separate links page, which many not have a higher page rank.

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Jump2Top - SEO Company

Yahoo SEO Consultant

Webmasters may well choose only to use The Open Directory Project (ODP) due to it be a free listing directory and also plays a big role in search engine optimization, but if you do want to ensure a wide audience and listing then there are few better options than Yahoo! It has grown rapidly in recent years and its recent association with a possible Microsoft buy out has only increased its renown. It is the undisputed market leader in the directory market and prices have risen reflecting its superiority; it is also becoming harder to submit to it.

However, obviously, more expensive than the ODP and more difficult to achieve submission to, Yahoo has undoubted benefits. A listing on the directory will lead targeted traffic to the website, increase link popularity and the website's Google PageRank. It is thus vital that you understand what Yahoo is and how it can aid your website promotion.

Yahoo is a directory. It uses a directory format to categorize the sites listed within and is run by a group of employed editors who will review any submission requests, listing problems and maintenance issues. Though predominantly American it has subsidiary country specific and region specific sister sites - it thus not only has global reach but also local specialization.

It is no wonder why so many website managers wish to be listed on Yahoo!, and here is how you can do it:

There are effectively two ways. The first one is free, but it is not available to all sites and has other disadvantages. The second way can be used by nearly all submitters but is not cheap.

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