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Webmasters may well choose only to use The Open Directory Project (ODP) due to it be a free listing directory and also plays a big role in search engine optimization, but if you do want to ensure a wide audience and listing then there are few better options than Yahoo! It has grown rapidly in recent years and its recent association with a possible Microsoft buy out has only increased its renown. It is the undisputed market leader in the directory market and prices have risen reflecting its superiority; it is also becoming harder to submit to it.

However, obviously, more expensive than the ODP and more difficult to achieve submission to, Yahoo has undoubted benefits. A listing on the directory will lead targeted traffic to the website, increase link popularity and the website's Google PageRank. It is thus vital that you understand what Yahoo is and how it can aid your website promotion.

Yahoo is a directory. It uses a directory format to categorize the sites listed within and is run by a group of employed editors who will review any submission requests, listing problems and maintenance issues. Though predominantly American it has subsidiary country specific and region specific sister sites - it thus not only has global reach but also local specialization.

It is no wonder why so many website managers wish to be listed on Yahoo!, and here is how you can do it:

There are effectively two ways. The first one is free, but it is not available to all sites and has other disadvantages. The second way can be used by nearly all submitters but is not cheap.

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