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Internet spam to get a top listing on the search engines is losing steam. The search engines are doing more and more all the time to put a stop to this black hat trick. More and more you must produce good content and use good keywords properly to get the top spot. The people that worked so hard trying to follow the rules to do it the right way are rising to the top.

The old days of submitting your affiliate page to one of the paid places to get a top spot are just about over. There are still a lot of companies out there selling the service and yes they may get you a top spot but you will not have it for very long because the search engines do not like the tactics the use to get you there.

Using affiliate sites are getting harder and harder to get a top spot with because they are duplicated for everyone that has one.

So to get the top spot today you must build a web site with some good quality content that is keyword optimized to even have a small chance of getting traffic from the search engines. On a high rated page rank web site is where you place you affiliate link to get good traffic to your programs.

Here is a nice list of things you can do to improve your page rank with the search engines.

Trade Links with other Relevant Websites

They call this reciprocal links but giving the link back is not as important as it once was. Search engine ranking is looking for the one way link into your websites not the both way.

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