Search Engine Optimization SEO Glossary

Search Engine Optimization Glossary terms beginning with A:

Absolute Link:

  • An absolute link is the entire path to whatever it is your trying to reach.
  • An absolute link is the direct and full address to a file on the web.
  • An absolute link is also used for linking to other websites.
  • An absolute link is a hyperlink that includes the complete URL, consisting of the domain name.
  • An absolute link is the full URL link to the target page.


  • Accessibility is ensuring the access of information is available to the widest possible audience.
  • Accessibility means access to information for all.
  • Accessibility is about giving equal access to everyone.
  • Accessibility is something most web designers consider an afterthought.
  • Accessibility no current laws in place to enforce it.


  • AdSense is people paying to advertise on their own web space.
  • AdSense is a programme that lets normal people earn lots of money from their website.
  • AdSense is a wonderful opportunity to earn extra capital from the pages of your website.
  • AdSense is a context based advertising system that analyses page content to suiting ads.
  • AdSense is fit for random traffic and parked domains.


  • AdWords are paid advertising in Google rankings.
  • AdWords are basically small advertisements that appears for a certain keyword search.
  • AdWords are now displayed in the same colour as standard results.
  • AdWords are simply those words you pay for to attract clicks.
  • AdWords are a great way to enhance site exposure and traffic.

Agent Name:

  • Agent Name. Example Google user agent name is Googlebot.
  • Agent Name is a process of sending search engine spiders to agent pages, yet sending visitors to what they want to see


  • AJAX is a dynamic method in which to communicate with server.
  • AJAX is program that Google Maps needs.


  • Algorithm is a method developed to solve a wide variable of problems.
  • Algorithm is an operational programming rule that determine how a search engine indexes content and displays the results to its users.
  • Algorithm is one method of unscrambling lots of information.
  • Algorithm is an equation or, more generally a maths expression.
  • Algorithm is the study algorithm is called algorithmics and is the core of all computer science.

All The Web:

  • All the Web is a search engine that returns results as fast as any other.
  • All the Web is more customizable than most search engines, using skins.
  • All the Web is owned by Overture.

Alt Attribute:

  • Alt Attributes are HTML elements specified within image tag.
  • Alt Attributes is often called Alt Tag, required to provide a text equivalent for an object or image.
  • Alt Attributes is for someone without a graphical browser so it can make sense of the image.
  • Alt Attributes is one very strong hint to the content of an image.

Alt Tags:

  • Alt Tags are used when ever you have an image in your site that is important to the overall massage.
  • Alt Tag are basically the description of a said image.
  • Alt Tag are text descriptions within a code that describes the image.
  • Alt Tag are instructions in the HTML tag that describe graphics.

Anchor Text:

  • Anchor Text is visible text in a hyperlink.
  • Anchor Text is used to tell search engines and visitors what the page is about.
  • Anchor Text is a factor that can increase your search engine rankings for set keywords.
  • Anchor Text is important for both internal web site structure and external linking.
  • Anchor Text can be optimized both internally and external.


  • API is intended to dictate implementation as little as possible.
  • API is a set of classes used to store and retrieve site wide configuration.


  • ASP is designed to empower independent software.
  • ASP is purely a microsoft based technology, primarily used on Window NT servers.
  • ASP is a free code to create an object system for a content and management system.

Automated Submitting:

  • Automated Submitting is an automatic process that takes place to gain a link.

Search Engine Optimization Glossary terms beginning with B:

Back links:

  • A Back Link is a HTML link from another site back to your site.
  • A Back Link is placed from one webmaster to another.
  • A back Link is a link that points to your site.
  • A Back Link is very important for SEO purpose.
  • A Back Link are also called inward links, in links, inbound links or incoming links.

Bait and Switch:

  • Bait and Switch is a tactic where you offer to sell an excellent product at a very good price.
  • Bait and Switch is a well known link building strategy, works well with viral marketing.
  • Bait and Switch is considered to be a spam technique when used in SEO.
  • Bait and Switch is not good for ranking.
  • Bait and Switch is advertising something that you do not intend to sell.

Banner Ad:

  • Banner Ads are different because they are random.
  • Banner Ads are sold as a CPM basis or on a CPC basis.
  • Banner Ads are typically bought in-conjunction with keywords.
  • Banner Ads can be available for download and placement on a third parties website.
  • Banner Ads are straight HTML text ads that appear in a floating windows.

Bid Management Tool:

  • Bid Management Tool is a software application that allows advertisers to manage PPC keyword bidding.
  • Bid Management Tool is designed to manage extremely large keyword lists.
  • Bid Management Tool is a software that will categories your keyword lists.

Black List:

  • Black List is part of the spam protection that tells the filter not to allow through.
  • Black List is the list of unwanted windows, titles and URL's.


  • Blog is also known as a web log.
  • Blog is your own resume.
  • Blogs are a new marketing vehicle.
  • Blog is an indirect form to gain clicks to your website.

Body Copy:

  • Body Copy is the last part of an ad to be completed.
  • Body Copy is where your actual selling is done.
  • Body Copy is any printing on the tab sheet other than the tab extension.

Search Engine Optimization Glossary terms beginning with C:


  • Cache is more expensive than RAM, it is well worth getting a CPU and motherboard with build in cache, in order to maximize system performance.
  • Cache is identified by cache key which is build as a dot-delimited.

Cgi bin:

  • Your own CGI bin directory you can, you can store custom CGI scripts that you have written yourself or found on the web.
  • CGI bin is the custom directory where you normally run your custom scripts.


  • Clickrate is the percentage of expressions that result from clickthrough.


  • Cloaking is often confused with doorway pages.
  • Cloaking is serving different content to visitors than the search engines.
  • Cloaking is search engine spam.
  • Cloaking is were you can set to sets of content.


  • Conversion in e-commerce is the result given to a positive sale.
  • Conversion is a marketers term used for a site visit.


  • Cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser.
  • Cookie is an "enticement" to get a computer user to visit you.

Cost Per Action: (CPA)

  • CPA is a fancy way of dressing up a "Affiliate Program"
  • CPA is a very difficult program to track and is expensive.
  • CPA is a form of direct advertising.

Cost Per Click: (CPC)

  • CPC is the price you pay per click to your website.
  • CPC is advertising such as Google Adwords and Overture.
  • CPC is a method adopted to gain high volumes of traffic for a set price.

Cost Per Lead: (CPL)

  • CPL is good but you must follow up for the sale or its not worth it.
  • CPL is a ratio and strategic metric.

Cost Per Order: (CPO)

  • CPO is based on every time an order is processed.
  • CPO is simply the cost column divided by the number of orders received from that station that day.


  • Counter stores data to let you look at your site statistics over a set period.
  • Counters track web site traffic.


  • CSS is a very powerful way to make good layout.
  • CSS is what gives web sites their layout and colour.
  • CSS is supported by all browsers today.
  • CSS is a style language that defines layouts of HTML documents.

Custom Error Page:

  • A custom error page is a temporary solution.
  • A custom error page is called 404b.

Search Engine Optimization Glossary terms beginning with D:


  • Data is the storage of information produced from work effort and is manipulated via applications.
  • Data is a source of information gathered in the one place for search purposes.
  • Data is lots and lots of information utilized by applications.


  • A database is a structured collection of information or data.
  • A database is one component of a database management system.
  • A database of information is represented one way and one way only.

Database Driver:

  • A database driver is just the name of a Java class in X.
  • A database driver is there to select all values to their initial state.
  • A database driver is easy for the person skilled in the arts.

Database Generator:

  • A database generator is assumed to use a memory.
  • A database generator is for accessing multi-level databases.
  • A database generator is proportional to the size and complexity of the database schema.

Daughter Window:

  • A daughter window is an optional creative component and is spawned from 120 x 90 buddy list unit.
  • A daughter window is a 350 x 300 pixel browser which opens up direct when a visitor accesses you web page.
  • A daughter window is a new browser window, usually smaller than the existing browser window that pops up when clicked on.

Deep Submissions:

  • Deep submissions are normally allowed for paid listings only.
  • Deep submission is the submission of many pages deep in the pages of a website.
  • Deep submission are found during deep indexing of a particular web page.


  • Directories are a good place for research on topics.
  • Directories are like catalogues of collective information.
  • Directories are becoming very popular amongst web developers.


  • Domains are internet addresses to websites.
  • Domains can be Top Level or Country Code.
  • Domains must be registered first before use.

Doorway Page:

  • A doorway page a an HTML page on your website to get better listings at the search engines.
  • A doorway page is a page that redirects to another page.
  • A doorway page is build to rank high for a particular keyword or phrase.


  • Dynamic is that it will always be measurable.
  • Dynamic is a built in prefix operator.
  • Dynamic is specified.

Dynamic Rotation:

  • Dynamic rotation is standard on most CAD applications.
  • Dynamic rotation lets different users see different ads on the same page.
  • Dynamic rotation allows ads to be viewed on different location on a single web page.
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