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It's like a scene from Star Wars, the one we all wanted to see: where Luke Skywalker joins up with Obi Wan Kenobi and they put their lightsabers together and team up to side-by-side against Darth Vader to clear the way for the new generation of young Jedi Knights. Shawn Casey, best-selling author of Mining Gold on the Internet Marketing, and Tellman Knudson of Overcome Everything, Inc. have teamed up to create what they call the 'Ultimate Listbuilding course' -- appropriately named after it's future home on the Internet: It's purpose, they say, is to help the next generation of entrepreneurs quickly and easily build lucrative businesses online using the most respectable, proven and long-lasting of the internet skills: Listbuilding.

Currently in pre-launch, this giant of a Listbuilding resource is scheduled to launch this spring; and if pre-launch activity is any indication, it's going to be simply huge. At press time, the services and materials they have distributed free of charge -- including step-by-step videos on how to create a site, a 24-hour "Squeeze-A-thon" that helped over 200 business owners get their squeeze pages built, and tell-all reports on how Shawn and Tellman started their own multi-million dollar businesses -- have received raving reviews.

Both Casey and Knudson have incredible rags-to-riches stories that prove anyone, no matter where they come from in the universe, can make this work. "I started my company on 50 bucks and a 'Frankenstein' computer that was built out of other broken machines and resold," said Knudson. "The CD drive was hanging out of the front because it didn't work unless I held it in my hand and shook it, and the fan was so loud I couldn't make a business call in the same room as my computer." In his desperate search to make a living online, he accidentally found a copy of Casey's Mining Gold on the Internet. "At the time, I had no idea who wrote it or what it was really worth" says Knudson, "I was clueless, and going further in the hole each day. But I kept at it, hoping something, someday would work."

Then, he got Shawn Casey on the phone for just twenty-two minutes--and things changed. "Shawn told me a few things--but one of them was I had to send out these nine emails all in a row, and I didn't want to do it; but he was 'the master'--so I did," says Knudson. Because he trusted his teacher, Knudson made $800,000 in profit that year alone--his first year online. Now he owns a multi-million dollar company with twelve employees, but he's never forgotten who helped him when he was in need.

Casey, who was practicing law in back in 1995, started in a small, cramped apartment in Pittsburgh during the summer--with no air conditioning in 100 degree conditions. "I was living in an efficiency apartment that had no furniture in it, except for a table, two chairs, and a sofa that the landlord had let me scrounge from the furniture left over from previous tenants that he had piled up in the basement," said Casey. From this humble beginning, Casey rose to become CEO of a company that made the Inc. 500 list for two years running. Yet, feeling suffocated by the corporate rat race, he wanted something more.

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