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In the art of optimizing a Web site and enhancing rankings as well as site popularity, link building is one good online marketing tool, as a Web site's popularity is often measured by search engines by calculating how many links are pointing towards its direction. Getting good, powerful links from established and popular Web sites can help your site rise to the top of search engines without wasting too much time waiting.

How To Create Good Links

One good way of getting good links is to start your own blog, or Web log. Blogs are a wonderful of recruiting links. Although, you need to be extra careful though, as you need to keep the commerciality low and ensure that you learn how to use tags. You could also as other visitors to your site to link to you as well. And while you entice them, you need keep it reasonable, and do not flood them with "link to us" message, and make it easier if they want to give you a link.

Another good way of getting better links, is to submit to good or established directories. You could choose from long-standing directories like Yahoo or Open directory Project , and submit your listings to them. Lastly, one good method that's also relevant is to also ask for links from other sites, and in doing so, you should first make a list of Web sites that you would like links from, and you should learn to keep them truly relevant to your business. You could contact one site and show them why linking to your site would be also good for their visitors as well.

One-Way Link Building Also Helps

The process of building one-way links from other Web sites that have a page rank worth 3 or more could also be helpful for you to get attention quickly from search engines. These links are also worth paying for, and serve two main purposes. Apart from being just a link, it also serves as an effective advertisement of your Web site. Another good method is to create reciprocal links , however these links tend to be less potent because these links are placed in a separate links page, which many not have a higher page rank.

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