RIC Announces New Clients and Provides Insights into Search Engine Optimization

Regency Interactive Corporation, a North Carolina based SEO company announces the addition of forty one new clients during quarter one of 2008. Based on the increasing number of new domains registered and new online businesses created, it is getting more difficult to compete in the search engines. The number of internet business owners prioritizing top placements in the search engines is presently more concentrated. The typical SEO practices of yesterday are no longer enough for top placement. Businesses are more focused today on hiring a dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) company to handle online marketing.

The forty one new accounts now give Regency Interactive a total of 300 small businesses and corporate clients. The services provided include, but are not limited to standard search engine optimization and Google Adword management.

Regency Interactive boasts the same team that's been in place managing optimization services since 1999. One of the very first groups of IT experts managing SEO services, Regency Interactive also specializes in Google Adword campaign management. Certified by Google, Regency Interactive Corporation also helps customers save money in their adword spending by increasing click-thru rates and split testing ad copy. You can view these services and more at http://www.webmarketingindia.net/search-engine-optimization-seo-service.php

Having an SEO consultant can be the difference in helping a company use the internet to its fullest capacity. With the competitive nature of industry today and the amount of web pages competing for top positions, it's imperative to have a well optimized, search engine friendly website. In the wrong hands, optimization can prove to be a detriment if not implemented correctly. Regency Interactive Corporation maintains a staff of sixteen highly qualified html editors and html designers that have working knowledge of nine plus years of optimizing web sites. Continuing education on known solutions in this industry along with known knowledge allows Regency to continue to deliver top results.

If unfamiliar with search engine optimization or general search techniques, here is a brief overview.

Full news at - http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/05/prweb914874.htm

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