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As an SEO consultant India, I have been providing SEO consulting & Internet Marketing services to the websites across the India & outsource to US, UK & Australia for over 5 years. I am able to work with and help hundreds of businesses to improve search engine rankings. In 5 year of experience, I have found exactly what will work and what will bring your site the long term search engine results.

There are several important elements to setting up a successful SEO (search engine optimization) strategy:

» Keyword Selection: The success or the failure of any search engine optimization strategy depends upon the proper keyword selection. I will do extensive research to discover what keyword phrases people are actually searching for, and after that choose the keywords that will bring your website the most targeted visitors. If you are not trying to target keyword phrases people are using when they search, your efforts will become a waste of time.

» Website Content: Visible content is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization, as search spiders cannot interpret content within images or animations. Less content results in low number of keywords, making it difficult for a search engine to properly index a page. Content that contains high impact keywords is assigned an elevated ranking by the search engines. In addition, extensive page content attracts users to browse the website. I will give surety that your site content is modified to be SEO friendly.

» On page (SEO) Search Engine Optimization - I will write meta tags (Title, description, Keyword, Robot etc..) and alt tags (Title attribute on links) to help improve natural search engine rankings. I will also work with the design, code, URL and site navigation structure to make sure it is search engine friendly. Once you will implement these points on website, you are on the way to success.

SEO Packages

Basic SEO Package: ($199) This is best suitable package for website beginner. This will give you

  • Optimization of Home page & two inner page.
  • Keyword research & allocation for three page.
  • Create Meta tag
  • 50 Directories Submission

Average SEO Package: ($499) Average SEO package is for those who are some how serious for Search Engine Traffic. This will give you

  • Optimization of Home page & five inner pages.
  • Your site & three competitor site analysis.
  • Keyword research & allocation for six pages.
  • Create Meta tag for six page.
  • Create robots.txt & .htaccess files.
  • 200 Directories Submission.
  • 10 confirm backlink with Link Exchange.

Advance SEO Package: ($999) Advance Package covers the all Features and Packages which are need or necessary for any advance SEO. This will give you

  • Optimization of Home page & ten inner pages.
  • Your site & three competitor site analysis.
  • Keyword research & allocation for eleven pages.
  • Create Meta tag for eleven page.
  • Create robots.txt & .htaccess files.
  • Google Analytic setup.
  • 1000 Directories Submission.
  • 30 confirm backlink with Link Exchange
  • 10 Guaranteed Blog links
  • 10 Forum Profile creation and 50 Postings.

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Hi Nice Blog .There are a lot of things you could do to improve your search engine placement. Probably the most important single thing is to arrange to have a number of high-page-ranking websites linking to yours. This can be done with a lot of work. Good tools can give you shortcuts, help you get good results while you save time and energy in Seo Services India.

Hi Nice Blog .In my point of view seo india is designing, writing, coding and maintaining our web site easily. It is a good chance to appear our web page at the top of search engine queries for the selected keywords and key phrases.

Optimized content will help drive your site’s credibility and link building will add page rank to improve your placement on search results pages.
A SEO Company that has been working that particular field of expertise for a long period of time will know everything about the ins and outs of search engine optimization.
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